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Product Highlights 产品特点

  • Classic Chinese Hot Pot Brand 经典超正宗辣味火锅,爱辣星人最爱
  • Authentic spicy taste 配料齐全 省时省心
  • Variety of ingredients included 良心底料 食用放心


The soup base is the soul of a hot pot. It can get very complicated if made from scratch, since it requires a handful of spices and special ingredients specific to different regions of China. It’s highly recommended to go with ready-to-use hot pot broth and there are many variations available to fit your preferred flavor profile. For those that prefer to keep it light, there is the clear broth and the mushroom infused option. For others who enjoy a bit more flavor complexity, try the tomato soup base. Nevertheless, anyone that loves spicy food can venture with the mala spicy option.

Little Sheep Hot Pot Soup Base Spicy Flavor 235g 小肥羊 火锅底料 辣汤

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