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GIA Seafood has hundreds of boutique restaurant and retail clients who understand that their customers demand quality seafood that is safe, delicious, traceable, and locally-sourced whenever possible.

We partner with many sushi restaurants who are interested in creating great recipes from our fresh products. We provide seafood wholesale, We can take orders for amounts and deliver. We can have at your door tomorrow.

Your business is our BUSINESS!

Your satisfaction is our JOB!!

Your success is our SUCCESS!!!

We have a dream 

We want to send fresh and healthy seafood products to the table of all customers at wholesale prices. That is my original intention of setting up this website. But in order to complete the dream, there are two problems to be solved, one is information asymmetry, and the other one is logistics. The work we are doing now is logistics, but only from warehouses to supermarkets and restaurants. Things need to be done in the future is from the warehouse to thousands of households. 


In order to solve 

the problem of information asymmetry, there must be a website that allows consumers to learn about the varieties and prices of our healthy and high-quality seafood products through the Internet or mobile devices and order online. Then our company can deliver seafood products to customers according to their needs. This is very similar to Amazon, but we just do seafood products only. I strongly believe that this "dream" will be realized sooner or later. The key is who can stay committed to the goal in the long term. If you remove stone by stone, even a mountain will be levelled. Let us work together to realize this dream!

Let's work together to create game-changing experiences!

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